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Let your talents shine at Sjostrom

Sjostrom & Sons is always looking for highly-qualified individuals to join our team. If you feel qualified to join one of Rockford's most respected firms and exhibit a "whatever it takes" attitude, please send us your resume via fax at 815-226-8868, or by mail to: HR Manager, Sjostrom & Sons, Inc, P.O. Box 5766, Rockford, IL 61125 or email to 



Estimator / Project Manager

Candidates for this position must be qualified to handle all aspects of a project from start to finish.  This will include: finding projects, estimating (conceptual to plan & spec), assembling a construction team, project management, project closeout, and post-project follow up.  Experience of at least 10 years experience estimating and managing large projects ($10-30 million min.) will be necessary.  This position includes responsibility for profitability, schedule, quality, safety, and customer satisfaction on the assigned projects.  Only exceptionally qualified candidates need apply.



Employee Email